About Us

  • OBS Inc. was formed in February 2012 specializing in the installation and repair of all types of commercial and industrial roofing systems.
  • Our company was founded on the core value of “quality without question” in all that we do regardless of the size of the client or the contract amount.
  • Our current staff has 50+ years’ experience working in the commercial roofing industry.
  • Our in house and manufacturer training programs ensure we stay informed of the latest innovations in the industry allowing us to provide leading edge solutions at the best possible prices.
  • We strongly believe in the dollar value approach to our business – our evaluations will always consider first the value of the clients roofing dollar to maximize any size budget while also providing a comprehensive long term solution to the roof, whether it be a simple leak repair or a full roof replacement.
  • By partnering with our clients, our goal is to ensure, not only a solution to their roofing problems, but also in making sure they have an honest evaluation of the current condition of their roof.